Soldiers of the North Star

A Campaign Topic – 5 Destiny, (Hidden Lore – History 25)

In the past it was widely believed that there were no peers to match the legendary and terrible Soul Weapons. One represented absolute justice and authority by virtue – the other represented the same things by power. This simple but fundamental difference caused the forces of Heaven to clash with those of Hell and Earth in climactic battles which even now show as scars on the landscape. The land lies at relative peace when the weapons are dormant; but in these times, they stir and have begun to waken.

Nameless One and the Seven Stars

Among the greatest heroes of the cataclysmic times there was a man who was known simply as Hero. Throughout his life he lead the path of the austere warrior, forgoing positions of power and titles, even his own name was stricken and forgotten, only leaving behind the legacy which spurred him to, in death, earn the one title he truly deserved.

Hero, as the story goes, was one of the bearers of the Seven Stars, which were said only to appear when the land was sundered in a conflict which could tear the fabric of reality apart. His destiny was to seal away both of the Soul Weapons, Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. To accomplish this deed, he followed the visions granted to him by his own immutable spirit, and meditating for forty days and forty nights alone in the highest mountains of Shen Zhou, he achieved enlightenment and found a way to stop the land from destruction.

The swordsman gathered to him six others whose spirits resonated with his own: a courtier, a warrior of grace, a warrior of passion, the Emperor’s chef, a blind old man, and an enigmatic beast-child who did not understand the human tongue, though human himself he was. Each of these bore the symbol of one of the Seven Stars which represent the Seven Gods.

Star Number Western Name Shen Zhou Name
1 Alpha Ursae Majoris “Dubhe” The Fulcrum
2 Beta Ursae Majoris “Merak” The Herald
3 Gamma Ursae Majoris “Phecda” The Gatherer
4 Delta Ursae Majoris “Megrez” The Foundation
5 Epsilon Ursae Majoris “Alioth” The Soothsayer
6 “Mizar-Alcor” The Harvester
7 Eta Ursae Majoris “Alkaid” The Lantern

Together, these seven heroes stood against both of the Soul Weapons and with the combined might of their weapons invoked a powerful seal which destroyed the bodies of the wielders of the weapons and put the actual weapons themselves to sleep. Because each of their weapons were crafted and tied to their human wielders, it is said they were called the Outrage Weapons, as this is one of the times that humans have overturned destiny and gone against Heaven and Hell.

The seal was wrought and the weapons scattered, such that hunters would never be able to find them unless the need was great enough. The seal took the life of the Hero, and the remaining six erected a grave on the field of battle that the momentous event took place. Where the other bearers of the Outrage Weapons have gone, legend does not tell; merely that they disappeared, perhaps awaiting the time that their weapons would be needed again.


  • Discovery – If someone possesses this Lore Sheet, it becomes easier to obtain an Outrage Weapon. Ask GM for details.
  • Destiny – Entangle your fate with one of the Seven Star Heroes!
  • Victory – Become one of the Seven Star Heroes!
  • Information – Find a way to seal away the Soul Weapons by learning of the history of the Seven Star Heroes.
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Soldiers of the North Star

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