Outrage Weapons

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The wheel of fate is turning…

In the days after the Yellow Emperor walked Shen Zhou and fought Chi You the barbarian demon king, Tiger Soul and the Celestial Sword were left behind to mark their mighty battles. It changed the landscape significantly; and fragments of each weapon were left behind, doing strange things to the land. The influence of the two Soul weapons in those days were mighty – but over the course of the battles, they have diminished in power, though they still remain the most terrible and majestic of all weapons.

Perhaps because the people of the land tired from constant conflicts in the Middle Kingdom, the greatest blacksmiths of the time began to gather and forge weapons from the fragments of the Soul weapons. They were used to help turn the tides of battle, and the weapons would eventually seek their destinies with the Seven Star Heroes. These seven fought against Tiger Soul and the Celestial Sword, sealing them away for five hundred years. In memory of these Heroes and their fight against the weapons, their weapons were referred to as the Outrage Weapons.

Outrage Weapons

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