Shen Zhou Twilight

Heaven Burns, Hell Awakes - Session 2

A sorrowful cry that shakes the Heavens! The meaning of "Duty" is heavier than the weight of the world!

Opening Monologue

Originally called Star-Crow-of-Morning Kung Fu, this style was practiced by the greatest of kings, Ying Zheng, the First Emperor himself. Originating in the Zhou Dynasty, this kung fu is old and proven in its power – one of the exalted sword styles of Shen Zhou! In this modern age, however, it is only rarely taught, as the few independent sifu who could teach it slowly die off. The Falling Wren Society is the only organization that retains this Kung Fu in its entirety, and they exact oaths from their members and students to keep it pure and unsullied from the passage of time.

This kung fu’s techniques all shine with distinction – they are the unity of will and action, and are always impressive to watch in their speed and grace.

- p259, Uncommon Kung Fu – Three Kings, Weapons of the Gods Core Rulebook

Session Agenda Events

  • Find out what the party wants to do next.
    • Party has decided to pursue the Han Dynasty Seals. Wish them luck!
  • A journey?
    • Though one was suggested to the far West, instead the party has chosen to journey East, to Nan territory, where they have reports of a Han Dynasty Seal!
  • A plot development!
    • Studious Zhao deciphers one of two Lost Texts that were found to be from the Zhou Dynasty, regarding the dialogs of an Adjunct-Emperor Phoenix who spoke to the Three Kings! One king represented Legalism, another represented Bhuddism, and a third represented Confucianism, with the Phoenix representing Daoism.
    • Huojin has discovered the other Zhou Scroll is actually a manual to begin instruction of the Three Kings style.
  • An unexpected ally!
    • Mountain Xian Has joined the party as subordinate to Jing Hai! He’s not very bright, but he is big and huge, and also a brother of the Fallen Wren Society.
  • A new story revealed!
    • Along the way to Dong Ting Lake, the party encounters a bridge and river which defies normal geography, and a somewhat nonsensical man and woman. The bridge is trapped by automata, but is destroyed by Huojin! In the process, he triggers what appears to be a flash flood in the area, destroying the bridge, killing the two strangers, and Jing Hai’s horse.
    • This further progresses at the nearest town to the southeast, which has apparently been barred from entry and walled off in an iron curtain! Boldly leaping onto the twenty foot high walls, the town appears to be in the midst of the likes the PCs have never seen before!
  • A minor conflict!
    • Huojin entering the town causes an alarm to be raised, causing a detachment of soldiers clad in foreign armor to assemble! Thinking caution the better part of valor, the PCs retreat to the outside walls.


  • All party gets 3 Destiny!
  • +1 Destiny for showing up!
  • +2 Destiny for a solid hour talking effusively about Dong clan!
  • (Meta) Dicebot unlocked! Now there is a dedicated dice roller which arranges Weapons of the Gods rolls into ordered sets to make it easier to see what dice are available!


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