Sparrow's Song

A Campaign Topic

Sparrow’s Song, Silent Steel is the alliterative name given to the 2009 Ventrilo campaign of Weapons of the Gods. Started by aldantefax, the story revolves around a few core themes and set pieces which the players can freely move to and from (inasmuch as is logical). The primary focus is on the players and how they develop in the world to become proper heroes from what they are at the current moment.

Major Elements

Aside from the players there are also several key story components that will end up driving the game as the plot thickens.

  • Warfare
  • Arms Race
  • Save the world!


“Everybody fights for something. For what do you fight for? Money? Power? Love? Or something greater?”

Players will find themselves starting out as independent Wulin fighters not immediately tied to any one of the Clans; they are out to make their respective fortunes in this tumultuous time. In general, the players will find that they will draw the attentions of a powerful patron of some kind who gives the players a wide berth while at the same time being their primary taskmaster.

From the beginning, players will have an opposing force known as the “Raven Legion”, a local mercenary band of ill repute, and then the fight escalates from there. There is a method and reason for the conflict, which players will discover very quickly is a weapon!

Arms Race

Soul Weapons

As tensions escalate it becomes apparent that there is more to this recent set of conflicts than meets the eye. Elite units from various factions are revealing masterful weapons that have been sealed away, working towards a goal that they might not even know. These weapons tug at the strings of the soul, and compel the land into conflict – a race to find the hidden treasures of the land.

Will the players obtain such weapons and become the savior of the people, or their destroyer? One can only rely on themselves and their comrades in this time of twilight! Sally forth, Wulin Masters! Find the weapons of legend and song and conquer your fate!

Cast of Characters

Player Name Character Concept Character
LynxWinters Bounty Hunter Warrior Yi Bai Zhanshi, One Hundred Soldier
sion Generic Graceful Warrior Lian Shu
??? (Kitfox88?) ex-Thunder Clan Co-chief Usurper Warrior Pan Ni Yu
??? (UberJew?) Ex-Soldier/Butler Warrior Xiao-Li Xiao

Sparrow's Song

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