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Welcome! If you are viewing this page this is no doubt because you have come across a Weapons of the Gods game that aldantefax or someone related to him is running. This is dedicated to pooling information, custom loresheets, custom martial arts, and campaign progress in addition to campaign resources suitable for people who are interested in these types of affairs. These games have been run on the Something Awful Traditional Games forums; an SA Forums membership may be required to view some or all of the content that this space refers to.

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Heaven Burns, Hell Awakens (2010)

Another year and another attempt at running Weapons of the Gods. Hooray! Via voice chat (this time it uses a program called Mumble) with people that have steadier schedules. Currently in planning – preparing to start somewhere towards the second or third week of July.

Game History

Games run mostly by aldantefax and a brief description of them. You can easily identify them because they are the only games listed here that have run in this campaign setting at the current moment, and they have long names.

When Tiger Soul Falls, the World is Undone (2008)

archived game thread Original Weapons of the Gods game, included a tutorial on how to play Weapons of the Gods but ultimately stalled for various reasons. Play by post originally opening with the sample ‘Six Devils’ sample module that was put out by Eos Press; however, it did not get much farther than that.

Unknown Game (2009)

At some point I think I also tried running another game that didn’t actually go off that was play by post between the original game and Sparrow’s Song, but I can’t remember if I did or not.

Sparrow’s Song, Silent Steel (2009)

archived recruit/discussion thread on SATG Most recent game as of September 2009, now inactive. Ran on Ventrilo, however fell apart fairly quickly due to scheduling issues etc. Significant in that I actually tried to come up with some stuff for the game expecting to last longer than it did – one might say where the actual campaign work began.

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