Heaven Burns, Hell Awakens

A Campaign Topic

The land is decaying.

With the major clans having spent decades constantly fighting amongst each other for land, prestige, and power, a sinister force grew beyond the northern walls, which not even the Emperor or his subordinates could not deny. Whispered dealings with foreigners from another land cause ripples amongst the populous, and though they are common amongst the markets of the border towns, rare is it that they enter the courts of the Sons of Heaven.

A series of disasters has befallen the land. The earth sighs and devours villages, opening chasms to places that have been unexplored since the making of the world; the sky decides to rain lightning bolts onto the roads and cities; the sea will oft recede in tide, and in some places, never return; above all is the fire in the hearts of Men, which is beginning to die out as the Glorious Empire quietly, resolutely marches forward into the jaws of destruction.

It is in these times that Heroes are most needed.

It is in these times that Heroes are born!

Major Themes

  • Player-driven
  • Action-oriented
  • Warfare
  • Exploration
  • Reasonably light on GM-generated story, focused primarily on character development
  • Open world exploration, roll-your-own adventures based on loresheet selection
  • Players controlling territory and going up against armies a la “Dynasty Warriors”
  • Embrace elements from “Water Margin” (Genso Suikoden), “Journey to the West”, and various other Chinese literary works and derivative works such as “Juushin Enbu – Hero Tales”, “Storm Riders”, etc.

Cast of Characters

Player Name Character Concept
LynxWinters Scholar of the Blue Flame Society
TheOldestman Ex-Hell Clan Warrior
BurjDongai Pugilist Warrior of Dong Clan
yarrington Warrior-Prince of Justice

Heaven Burns, Hell Awakens

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