Falling Wren Society

A Campaign Topic (Organization)

The Wrens

Naysayers claim that the Wrens’ goals are so vague as to be meaningless. Honor the past, make the present better? Truly all can agree that Culture, Loyalty, and Martial Skill are worth preserving. The Wrens themselves are divided on the matter, most truly believe in their mission, but some seem interpret it more lightly, taking advantage of the Three Kings kung fu and paying only lip service to the past. Mei Ching once argued that glorifying herself was fulfillment of their goals itself, in that her glory would be reflected upon the organization as a whole.

Shih Kuan

Once a famous hero, the leader of the Falling Wrens is now a recluse almost never seen by any outside of the most senior Predictionist advisers, whom he keeps as council to understand where the people hurt most. His hands-off management style has left the always rather individualistic members of the Wrens considerable leeway to interpret their mission. Directives still come down from Kaun, but they generally consist of only a location to set up camp. He only has a few open goals these days, including his famous interest in overthrowing the royalty of Thrashing Minister.

Thrashing Minister

Here the Wrens are most obviously rebels, leading a full on insurgency. Only a few of the ringleaders are actual Wrens, but their occasional public strikes lend a great deal of intellectual and moral support to the cause. Suspicion and resentment has been building amongst the nobles, as some families seem to escape the resistance’s strikes. Whether an active strategy to divide the opposition or coincidence has thus far been hard to determine.

In recent days, the talk of the whole city has been that something big is about to go down. The people are restless, and the royalty has started increasingly brutal crackdowns.

Falling Wren Society

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