Character Creation

Character Fluff

Copy the next few sections to your character sheet and consider some of the things it puts forward. Most notably, your Agenda is important for helping to shape what kinds of things you want out of the game, and help the GM make things interesting and relevant that your character wishes to pursue!


Self-explanatory, but add any information that you want other people to know about or write out stuff that happened for your notes. This does not have to be long, flowery, etc. – however, it should give a general picture of where your character is coming from.


This is by far more important since it helps govern your day-to-day operation of your character, consider ways that other people view your character and how you would describe them without saying their name, profession, or gender. Perhaps a specific method of speaking, habits, or preferences – but in general, make your character into a character.


Write in here goals for your character. These can be things the character says they want to do, kung fu that the player is pursuing for a character, weapons, destinies, etc. Please tag your character goals as META, LORE, or GOAL.

  • META – a mechanical goal that the player wishes the character to achieve. “I want to deal the most damage.”
  • LORE – a loresheet that the character wishes to complete or fulfill. “I want to complete the loresheet for Tiger Soul.”
  • GOAL – an in-character goal that the character wants to achieve. “I want to avenge my father’s death and apprehend the murderers.”


Having problems creating a character for Weapons of the Gods because you have no idea what you’re doing? Here are some collected tips!


  • Having high attributes is good but balance is also key. Consider that all skills are tied to an attribute, and having a balanced mix of Chi to start is recommended.
  • Remember that skills get a bonus if your attribute is equal to or higher than the skill.


  • The fastest and easiest ways to look at loresheets that provide immediate benefits to a character are to look at suggested ones on the character example pages – failing that, you can look at the table of contents and look up the ones with the coolest titles.
  • Don’t feel compelled to buy loresheets right away – you can buy them later, too.
  • You can make your own loresheets! This space is useful for creating them.
  • Yes, Tairn, there are a few homosexuality loresheets. Read the whole thing if you’re interested in it.
  • And marriage loresheets too!


  • Yes, you want skills. It is important to have them.
  • Initiative is a good skill.
  • Generally speaking you won’t need to go higher than a 3 for any skill, otherwise you will be wasting points.
  • Remember that you get a bonus die to roll if your Attribute is equal to or higher than your Skill, and you get a bonus die to roll if you are using a Specialty. Five dice is generally considered to be the gold standard.
  • Most people will be rolling five dice in their weapon of choice (3 skill + 1 talent + 1 specialty), and 3 to 4 dice in other skills.
  • Specialties are bought at 1 Destiny for 2 Specialties. You cannot have multiple Specialties in the same skill.
  • Note that trivial things normally do not require rolls – getting out of bed every morning is not something that you have to roll Hardiness on.

Kung Fu

  • With respect to martial arts, consider your Attributes before buying up your martial arts. It is a generally accepted formula to have an Attribute at least two points higher than the rank of kung fu you plan on getting.
  • Don’t overspecialize and take only one kung fu of a given color at character creation. This will help you by adding more versatility when you have exhausted Chi of a given color (or are too damaged to use your primary style!).
  • Warriors start out with access to Common and Uncommon styles. Everybody else starts out with access to Common styles.


  • When you first start out in combat your Chi is equal to your Attribute value. Note that this is not your maximum Chi you can store.
  • The maximum Chi of any given color you can store in combat is currently 6. That means if you sit around not using any kung fu or healing or anything you can have 6 Crimson, 6 Jade, 6 White, 6 Gold, and 6 Silver Chi maximum.
  • You regain 1 Chi of each color every round.
  • If you get damaged enough you will lose Chi “breath” – meaning you have to forgo regeneration of one color. Since you’re going to get beat up often, you will probably want to prioritize what you can afford to lose and what you can’t.
  • Most people will choose to lose Chi breath in something they have no Kung Fu in first.
  • Generally speaking, it also makes sense to lose Jade Chi and your primary kung fu Chi breaths last – Jade Chi is useful for some rudimentary healing and also for protecting yourself from massive damage.

Secret Arts

  • Unless you’re LynxWinters, you really don’t need to worry about it right now. Play a Warrior or Courtier. In fact, just play a Warrior. It will be everything you expect out of the system.
  • Secret Arts were written by Rebecca Borgstrom, and if that has no meaning to you, read the next bullet.
  • Secret Arts read as written are incredibly confusing. So confusing, in fact, that they are broken. A near complete rewrite of the Secret Arts section in addition to errata and an FAQ for how to use Secret Arts was released by the publisher shortly after the system made an official release.
  • Seriously, unless you’re LynxWinters, you really don’t need to worry about it.

Character Creation

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