Shen Zhou Twilight

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Heaven Burns, Hell Awakes - Session 0
Behold! The heralds of destruction come forth!

Notes for the pregame session to start 7/8/2010. Will be updated later with some actual information!

Campaign Priorities

Exploration A
Combat B
Socializing C
Warfare D

Campaign Achievement Level: At the Movies

  • Tairn is playing a dude who is hot-rodded for combat.
  • LynxWinters is playing a Scholar who wants to collect the lost texts from the Qin Dynasty.
  • yarrington is playing a Prince who is on a pilgrimage to help the common man (but also doesn’t know a lot about the world) – Warrior or Courtier that uses a spear
  • dotclaw is considering playing.
  • BurjDongai/CaptainFoo not present
  • marhom not present
Heaven Burns, Hell Awakes - Session 1
An unexpected meeting! The Doom-star shines brightly!

Session 1

Opening Monologue

According to the Legendary Text, The Wulin, Thoughtless Wen, the Ascended Minister of the World of Martial Arts, declared:

“The mortals who follow the ways of the gods shall receive good fortune: their Chi shall wax strong, their forms prosper, and their techniques become in all ways immaculate!”

Heaven Burns, Hell Awakes - Session 2
A sorrowful cry that shakes the Heavens! The meaning of "Duty" is heavier than the weight of the world!

Opening Monologue

Originally called Star-Crow-of-Morning Kung Fu, this style was practiced by the greatest of kings, Ying Zheng, the First Emperor himself. Originating in the Zhou Dynasty, this kung fu is old and proven in its power – one of the exalted sword styles of Shen Zhou! In this modern age, however, it is only rarely taught, as the few independent sifu who could teach it slowly die off. The Falling Wren Society is the only organization that retains this Kung Fu in its entirety, and they exact oaths from their members and students to keep it pure and unsullied from the passage of time.

This kung fu’s techniques all shine with distinction – they are the unity of will and action, and are always impressive to watch in their speed and grace.

- p259, Uncommon Kung Fu – Three Kings, Weapons of the Gods Core Rulebook

State of the Game 8/7
news and views

Just a general update here, we haven’t had the chance to run session 3 yet. The game had to be cancelled week of 8/5 due to yarrington being out of town. Some new developments on the scheduling front which may call for rescheduling:

  • CaptainFoo will be entering the game as an unarmed beatstick kind of Warrior. He would like to play on Monday/Tuesdays.
  • LynxWinters is currently in the middle of training Monday/Wednesday/Friday @ 5am up through Labor Day week.
    • Thursday (09/09/2010) he will be unavailable for the game due to graduation ceremonies.
  • TheOldestMan prefers not to play too late – approx 9pm is his cutoff time.
  • yarrington unknown if there are special scheduling concerns or preferences but since he works normal hours and in Central time, going later is probably a no-go.
  • aldantefax gets home from work on other days of the week around 5:00pm-5:30pm Pacific time.
Heaven Burns, Hell Awakes - Session 3
Burning spirit is the order of the day! Die in a fire, or burn the injustice?

Opening Monologue

After a week of breaktime, none this week! DOWN TO BUSINESS.

Reminder: Next Game @ 8/16
just a friendly reminder from your wulin sage


We are permanently moving to Mondays starting at around 5:30 going to 8:30 to accommodate Foo and Lynx until further notice.


Heaven Burns, Hell Awakes - Session 4
Today's friends are tomorrow's enemies! A tournament to worship the Wulin World!

Opening Monologue

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.” – Confucius

Reminder: Next Game @ Welp

So I guess Foo agreed to Mondays which everybody else was cool with but apparently is going to need to withdraw that statement due to football, leaving not many other timeframes that are practical. Not sure if we are playing this coming week or what but here’s hoping the cap’n makes it happen

Heaven Burns, Hell Awakes - Session 5

No real plans for this session, but there’s a big fight! Lots of fighting! This is part of the initiative to get players back into the swing of things and have them fight without worrying too much about plot development or anything trivial like that.

An attack on the Fortress of the Seven Masters! Previously, the group had spent the last six months training under the tutelage of the Seven Masters obtaining new secrets of kung fu and other deeper secret arts, and when they had deemed ready to leave, who to show up uninvited but the Hell Clan! The townsfolk surrounding the Fortress have been slaughtered or otherwise taken hostage by the Hell Clan assailants, and it seems like the armies of Hell Clan are on the move!

Players get to go Dynasty Warriors style and beat up a bunch of guys like before fighting the main boss fixture of the day, Freaky Bone, a Hell Clan Sergeant! His Mad Staff is a feared weapon, and he is more than a match for any of the players alone – they’ll have to work together to beat him!

The progression is pretty straightforward.

  • Normal lackeys
  • Lieutenants
  • Elite Cadre
  • Freaky Bone

More people might join the fight for setting dressing, and a real melee might ensue with bodies flying everywhere caused by player allies or by Hell Clan allies! This opens the road for the main storyline to get players on path to start beating up more dudes.


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