Yi Bai Zhanshi

Yi Bai Zhanshi, "One Hundred Soldier", by LynxWinters



Crimson Chi—Speed 4
Initiative 3
Dodge 3
Finesse 1
Melee 3 (+1 Spear)
Ride 1
Jade Chi—Might 5
Athletics 3
Climb 1
Fight 2
Hardiness 3
Lift 3
Silver Chi—Wu Wei 3
Awareness 2
Investigation 0
Ranged 0
Senses 1
Stealth 0
White Chi—Genius 2
Learning 1
Crafting 0
Medicine 0
Politics 0
Tactics 3* (+1 to Tactics from The Martial King)
Gold Chi—Presence 2
Confidence 2 (+1 Military Authority)
Grace 0
Inspire 1
Perform 0
Persuade 0
  • Wealth 2
  • Possession: Medium Armor (-10 Damage, -5 to physical activities unless a 20 or better on a Lift check is made.)
  • Possession: Quality Kwan Dao (+5 to Strike)
  • The Zhou Dynasty
    • The Martial King (History)
  • Dragon Saber Guan Yu (Entangle)
Kung Fu
  • Lightfoot 1
  • Waves Like Water 1 (Silver)
  • Dragon Saber 3 (Crimson)
  • Heaven’s Thunder 2 (Jade)
  • Quality Kwan Dao “Duty’s Edge” (+5Sp/+10St/+15Dm)
  • Longsword (+5Sp/+10St/+5Dm)
  • Pair of Short Sabers (ea. +10Sp/+0St/+5Dm, +5St in pairs)
  • Backpack with provisions
Combat Block
C: 4/4
J: 5/5
S: 3/3
W: 2/2
G: 2/2

Equipped Weapon: Quality Kwan Dao (Artful; 5 dice) +5 Speed, +10 Strike, +15 Damage

Armor: -10 Damage, -5 to physical activities

Health: 15 per level

Damage: 0 taken

Joss: Xia 2, Corrupt 1 Chi Aura (Dodge): 2/2


Yi Bai Zhanshi (One Hundred Soldier)

Played by Lynx Winters

Archetype: Warrior
Destiny: 50


Self-explanatory, but add any information that you want other people to know about or write out stuff that happened for your notes.

  • Ex-soldier of an army that no longer exists
  • The story goes he was selected to train under a legendary master for many years
  • After returning back to his territory, he found that the army was broken some time ago
  • Wanders around now as a guy who wants to be part of an army under someone worth serving.


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Yi Bai Zhanshi

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