Jing Hai

Rank 4 Warrior by yarrington


Falling Wren Warrior, Defiant Justice

Attributes and Skills

  • Crimson / Speed 4
    • Dodge 3 (Projectiles)
    • Finesse 1
    • Initiative 3
    • Melee 4 (Swords)
    • Ride
  • Jade / Might 3
    • Athletics 2
    • Climb
    • Fight
    • Hardiness 3
    • Lift
  • Gold Chi / Presence 3
    • Confidence 2
    • Grace 2
    • Inspire
    • Perform
    • Persuade 1
  • White Chi / Genius 4
    • Learning 1
    • Crafting
    • Medicine
    • Politics 2
    • Tactics 3
  • Silver Chi / Wu Wei 2
    • Awareness 2
    • Investigation
    • Ranged
    • Sense 2
    • Stealth 1

Health 15
Xia Joss 5
Corrupt Joss 1

Kung Fu

  • Dragon Saber (Crimson) – 4
  • Three Kings (White) – 4
  • Lightfoot (Flexible) – 2

Good Looks (3)
Wealth – Affluent (4)
Affiliation – Falling Wren (3)
Status – Falling Wren (3)
Affiliation – Jade Dragon Society
Dragon Saber 4
Three Kings 4
Skills (2)

Lightfoot 2 (2)
The Xia Dynasty (3)
The West (2)

Entangled Destiny: The Four Virtue Sword (1)

Disadvantage Rival – Mu Lin.
Disadvantage Onerous Obligation – Falling Wren

Combat Information

C: 4 J: 3 G: 3 W: 4 S: 2
  • Equipped Weapon: Quality Longsword (+5 speed, +15 strike, +5 damage)
  • Armor: Light (-5 to opponent’s damage)
  • Chi Aura: 2/2
  • Gear: Riding Horse, backpack, tent, provisions, knife, short saber, nine ring saber
  • Earned Destiny: 9
  • Virtue Deed

The Story of the Immaculate Prince

Jing was born to the Hai family, but never quite fit in. His father, a wealthy and influential minister, wisely recognized the different nature of his son’s prowess, and from an early age tolerated him in his swordplay. It helped that he was the third son, and the oldest brother followed close in their father’s footsteps.

In Thrashing Minister City, the Falling Wren Society often organizes subtle tests before revealing themselves to a prospective member, usually involving a commonplace injustice occurring, with the hope that the prospect would step up and do the right thing. As it turns out, Jing wasn’t even on their list due to the reputation of his family, but his sparring partner was. The partner failed the test, merely walking by, but in a righteous fury Jing threw himself in front of a ‘thug’ beating a poor farmer. His display shocked the Falling Wren tutor, who inadvertently revealed his affiliation through the grace of his sword. After some debate within the society, an invitation was extended to the young noble.

When the peerless technique of the Three Kings combined with the straightforward power of the Dragon Saber, no tyranny can stand!

The Prince Debates Politics With His Rival

“And so Xia Qi spoke, ‘You have wronged me, and taken the place that should be mine; this demands justice. You have stirred the anger in my heart, and the justice-essence in my blade’, and thus slew the king, taking his place by martial strength”

When he heard this, Jing’s mind burned. “The act of a coward! He calls his own greed and lust for power justice!”

His cousin Min Li stood, aghast at the claim. “Xia Qi was a noble leader, his birthright stolen from him, it was indeed justice that drove the Blade of Four Virtues.”

Jing retorted, “That sword was used improperly, disgraced before the eyes of Heaven when used to slay an Emperor. You, like he, speak of himself as if he were the only party! The entire country was at stake. The king knew that Yi would rule wisely. He overturned the law of birthright for the good of the people!”

Min Li stood redfaced at that, blustering. He would never forget that day.

The Initiate Is Sent from the Monastery of the Falling Wren

“Student Jing! You are prepared for the next stage of your journey. You must apply the principles as you travel across the West. Speak with the people, not as a noble, but as one of them. Know their struggle, their hardships, their triumphs. Cast aside the name of your family, and make one for yourself.

The loyalty of Zhou. The culture of Wen. The glory of Wu.

These are the ideals you must live up to."

When he heard that, Jiang became in his heart a Wulin.


  • The Xia Dynasty (3)
  • The West (2)

Jing Hai

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