Huojin, the Burning Brand

Rank 4 Warrior played by TheOldestMan


Attributes and Skills

  • Crimson Chi / Speed: 5
    • Initiative 3
    • Dodge 3
    • Finesse
    • Melee (Swords) 3
    • Ride
  • Jade Chi / Might: 3
    • Athletics 3
    • Climb 1
    • Fight 1
    • Hardiness (Endure torture) 3
    • Lift
  • Gold Chi / Presence: 2
    • Confidence
    • Grace
    • Inspire (Inspire Fear) 2
    • Perform
    • Persuade
  • White Chi / Genius: 2
    • Learning
    • Crafting
    • Medicine 1
    • Politics
    • Tactics (Small Unit) 2
  • Silver Chi / Wu Wei: 4
    • Awareness 3
    • Investigation
    • Ranged
    • Senses 3
    • Stealth 2

Kung Fu

  • Lightfoot 3 (Any)
  • Waves Like Water 2 (Sil)
  • Hell’s Disasters 3 (Cr)


  • Hunted 4 (Hell Clan)

Combat Information

C: J: G: W: S:
  • Equipped Weapon: Greatsword, Longsword, Dagger
  • Armor: Light Armor
  • Chi Aura: 2/2
  • Health: 16 per level


  • Parent and Child
  • Great Secrets of Kung Fu
    • Destiny: Xian Virtue
    • Secret: Hidden Kung Fu


“To survive this chaotic world, one must have strong kung fu. But the kung fu I see here is weak.”

“You will join the Hell Clan, or you will die.”

When the Hell Clan pressgang came to his village, Zang joined them. His kung fu was quite good, but he was too much a coward to refuse. Even when his sisters and brother were killed, and his family home put to the torch after his father’s resistance, he could not bring himself to raise a hand to an opponent that would likely kill him. So Zang tossed aside his own honor and that of his family and went over to the Hell Clan as a lowly footsoldier.

His cowardice was so great that he would torture a child, burn a town, or sell a woman into slavery rather than face a rebuke or punishment from his superiors. All along, he knew that he trod an unrighteous path, even as he gained in rank and prestige within the Hell Clan for his shameful deeds. Some said that he had no soul, to do the things that he did. No one suspected that his “ambition” was only cowardice behind a paper mask. He kow-towed to his superiors and grovelled at every turn to those above him in station, even as he brutalized and terrorized those without the strength to fight back.

In time, he took the title of Burning Brand for his deeds, acquired ill-gotten lands and wealth, and fathered a son from one of his many mistresses. Huojin was like his father in many ways: strong, swift, and skilled at arms even at a young age. But he was different in one way: he was no coward. He saw the injustice of the Hell Clan and seethed that his father was a part of it, knowing as only a child can know that Zang was driven by his fears and not a lack of conscience. In time, Huojin’s age demanded that he become an enforcer for his father or for some other false lordling in the Clan.

At first, he squashed his outrage even as he struck down the enemies of the Hell Clan, terrorized the common folk, and made a name for himself as a man strong at arms and quick to anger. His father passed him the title of Burning Brand, claiming to all that his son would exceed him. But then, one day, the order came from his father that a village had defied his tax collectors and must be punished. When Huojin saw Zang’s seal beneath a litany of horrors that he was to visit on the innocent townsfolk, he was forced to choose between the false honor of his Hell Clan allegiance and the true honor of righteousness and his father’s slaughtered family.

He killed all the hand picked men that Zang had sent to assist his son in the slaughter, led the villagers out of Hanzhao, and then disappeared into the wilderness with a pack of Hell Clan assassins on his heels.

Huojin, the Burning Brand

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