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State of the Game 8/7

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Just a general update here, we haven’t had the chance to run session 3 yet. The game had to be cancelled week of 8/5 due to yarrington being out of town. Some new developments on the scheduling front which may call for rescheduling:

  • CaptainFoo will be entering the game as an unarmed beatstick kind of Warrior. He would like to play on Monday/Tuesdays.
  • LynxWinters is currently in the middle of training Monday/Wednesday/Friday @ 5am up through Labor Day week.
    • Thursday (09/09/2010) he will be unavailable for the game due to graduation ceremonies.
  • TheOldestMan prefers not to play too late – approx 9pm is his cutoff time.
  • yarrington unknown if there are special scheduling concerns or preferences but since he works normal hours and in Central time, going later is probably a no-go.
  • aldantefax gets home from work on other days of the week around 5:00pm-5:30pm Pacific time.


aldantefax aldantefax

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