Shen Zhou Twilight

Heaven Burns, Hell Awakes - Session 5

No real plans for this session, but there’s a big fight! Lots of fighting! This is part of the initiative to get players back into the swing of things and have them fight without worrying too much about plot development or anything trivial like that.

An attack on the Fortress of the Seven Masters! Previously, the group had spent the last six months training under the tutelage of the Seven Masters obtaining new secrets of kung fu and other deeper secret arts, and when they had deemed ready to leave, who to show up uninvited but the Hell Clan! The townsfolk surrounding the Fortress have been slaughtered or otherwise taken hostage by the Hell Clan assailants, and it seems like the armies of Hell Clan are on the move!

Players get to go Dynasty Warriors style and beat up a bunch of guys like before fighting the main boss fixture of the day, Freaky Bone, a Hell Clan Sergeant! His Mad Staff is a feared weapon, and he is more than a match for any of the players alone – they’ll have to work together to beat him!

The progression is pretty straightforward.

  • Normal lackeys
  • Lieutenants
  • Elite Cadre
  • Freaky Bone

More people might join the fight for setting dressing, and a real melee might ensue with bodies flying everywhere caused by player allies or by Hell Clan allies! This opens the road for the main storyline to get players on path to start beating up more dudes.


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