Shen Zhou Twilight

Heaven Burns, Hell Awakes - Session 4

Today's friends are tomorrow's enemies! A tournament to worship the Wulin World!

Opening Monologue

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.” – Confucius

It has been a slow week of coaxing the townspeople back to their homes. People are dazed and confused, as if their surroundings were completely alien to them. Their frightened faces turn into wonderment at the engineering of this town, and though it was crafted, perhaps, by an evil presence, the Human spirit adapts and overcomes, and soon business begins to come about as usual when it is clear that the place is safe once again. No sign of Hell Clan remain save the stunted remains of the iron pillars which were a symbol of terror, artfully dismantled by Jing Hai.

Plot Development

  • A Tale of the Stars 1 – The sky above has recently become more and more brilliant during the night time, with the northern constellations shining almost as bright as the moon! As the sun sets, it sets the ceiling of the world on fire, to be rapidly extinguished by the coolness of the neverending void. In particular, the Big Dipper shines with a hidden light, as Destiny draws near…
  • Story of the Self – With the recent appearance of the Burning Brand, Huojin knows there will be a time soon when old comrades he had betrayed will come looking for him – or he will find them to finish the job. With Wan-Fu’s apparent ‘resurrection’, it tells much that Huojin’s father must be courting powerful forces. While Wan-Fu’s deranged challenge prevented a fight with the Broken Wheel, perhaps it will not be so easy, next time…
  • Story of the Sage – Zhao, having taken responsibility for Emptiness An-xi, seeks to cure her of the manifestations of a most terrible curse while also pursuing his own goal to seek the Lost Texts. The words that were written must not have been in her own hand, and the unique way in which they were presented must mean that perhaps she has a hidden talent. The mystery has only begun!
  • Story of the Liberator – The hero to the common man, Jing Hai is definitely the most visible member of the party in his immaculate clothing and his dispatch of the iron pillars of terror is celebrated for the party’s victory. Perhaps now that he has the hearts of the people he will be able to find out more about the Han Dynasty Seals!


Joyous Island Lin To-wai
Icy Plough Qi Dong-po
Shaky Lotus Pang Jing-quo
Rainy Goat Jiang Kee
Smooth Emerald Zhong Ming-yu

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