Shen Zhou Twilight

Heaven Burns, Hell Awakes - Session 1

An unexpected meeting! The Doom-star shines brightly!

Session 1

Opening Monologue

According to the Legendary Text, The Wulin, Thoughtless Wen, the Ascended Minister of the World of Martial Arts, declared:

“The mortals who follow the ways of the gods shall receive good fortune: their Chi shall wax strong, their forms prosper, and their techniques become in all ways immaculate!”

This pronouncement, stated by Heaven’s Minister empowered by the Immortal Jade Emperor himself, instantly became law for the Land of the Gods – the world was so Ordered, and gained harmony there from. For those humans who found themselves unable to remain in their ordained places in life, there was now an option that would not havoc the Earth or Heaven – the World of Martial Arts, sometimes known as the Circle of Warriors. The Wulin exists as a structure of conditions that humans who wish to excel can use to do so, by following the paths of Virtue – whether the high paths of Heavenly Virtue, or the low paths of Corrupt Virtue. So it would be, all under heaven.

- p338, Of Rank and Destiny, Weapons of the Gods Core Rulebook

Game Agenda Recap

  • Get the party together.
    • The party has come together and journeyed into Seven Leagues Town, a semi-nomadic town on the flood plains in the northeast (Xi Clan territory).
      • Motivation: Lost Texts Studious Zhao is seeking a Lost Text from the Qin Dynasty in this area.
      • Motivation: Story of the Self Jing Hai is assisting, in the hopes that the Text may provide secrets to further his martial prowess.
      • Motivation: On the Run Huojian is assisting, mostly as a person of forced circumstances after involving the party with the Hell Clan in the pregame.
  • A minor fight!
    • A scuffle occurs between the party and a small detachment of soldiers under Valorous Jing after seeing the ill treatment of one of the town’s council members. Huojian invokes Hell’s Disasters, killing the lieutenant of the soldiers, driving Valorous Jing and his remaining lackeys away.
  • A minor plot development!
    • The party learns that Valorous Jing and his group are nothing more than bandits which are masquerading as the reincarnation of fallen warriors from before Time began!
    • This information is revealed by the town elder, who reveals such things via the Lost Text which is in the town’s keeping.
  • A major fight!
    • The party journeys from Seven Leagues Town to a border checkpoint where Valorous Jing rests. Two days have passed since the initial meeting, and they challenge Valorous Jing to combat!
    • Valorous Jing reveals he is in possession of one of the Seals of Heaven, mistakenly believing that he is granted the Mandate of Heaven. After a heated debate, he agrees to a fight with the party!
    • Valorous Jing and his manservant fall, being burdened by the Predictionist theories of Studious Zhao: they are strong in Fire, but defending the town brings with the party the protection of Water!
    • Jing Hai recognizes the Three Kings style, the signature style of the Fallen Wren Society which he is a member of! How can this bandit have such a thing?
    • Preferring to live another day, a broken and battered Valorous Jing is taken by his manservant and cast into exile from the area, forfeiting his right to the Seal of Heaven.
  • Quest acquisition – Han Dynasty Seals!

Party Rewards

  • +1 Destiny to all attending characters.
  • +2 Destiny (First Half) – Defeat Valorus Jing’s henchmen!
  • +2 Destiny (Second Half) – Defeat Valorous Jing and his manservant!
  • Secret Loresheet Unlock: Han Dynasty Seals (p 142-3, Core) – Will the party search for the remaining five parts of the Seals of Heaven?

Loose Threads and the Next Step

  • Valorous Jing made mention he was serving under someone else – but who?
  • Though Valorous Jing flew a crimson banner with three overlapping triangles, perhaps it was not truly his?
  • What do the Lost Texts really have to say?
  • Valorous Jing made mention of the Demon Sword appearing in the central lands! People are going to war! But it has yet to be found, though in Hell Clan territory…


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