Shen Zhou Twilight

Heaven Burns, Hell Awakes - Session 0

Behold! The heralds of destruction come forth!

Notes for the pregame session to start 7/8/2010. Will be updated later with some actual information!

Campaign Priorities

Exploration A
Combat B
Socializing C
Warfare D

Campaign Achievement Level: At the Movies

  • Tairn is playing a dude who is hot-rodded for combat.
  • LynxWinters is playing a Scholar who wants to collect the lost texts from the Qin Dynasty.
  • yarrington is playing a Prince who is on a pilgrimage to help the common man (but also doesn’t know a lot about the world) – Warrior or Courtier that uses a spear
  • dotclaw is considering playing.
  • BurjDongai/CaptainFoo not present
  • marhom not present


aldantefax aldantefax

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