This is the (new) information page and setup for aldantefax’s Weapons of the Gods campaign setting that he runs games in every year or so. Currently there is planning for getting things up and running for a new game in 2010 with the official, long-winded title of “Weapons of the Gods – Shen Zhou Twilight: Heaven Burns, Hell Awakens”. In general there is not much here, but eventually there will be stuff that shall get added as time goes by.

Getting Started

If you are a player in one of the games tied to this campaign setting feel free to browse the wiki at your convenience. It would also be useful to put up your character sheet to allow the GM to view and update as seen fit. Otherwise, simply reading what is available and adding to points of interest are always welcome.

About Weapons of the Gods

Weapons of the Gods is a system that is intended to embrace and encourage wuxia-style stories, things that are difficult to model under other game systems. Originally based on the manhua series of the same name, Weapons of the Gods was published by Eos Press, with a product line that had the Weapons of the Gods core rulebook and the companion book, which helped to expand the game on a mostly mechanical level.

The system features mostly novel ways to help get players into the game – players start out as fairly competent people of the Wulin Association, a martial arts federation in this fantasy version of ancient China called Shen Zhou, the “Middle Kingdom”. A neutral organization itself, the Wulin sees to the development of all martial arts. Levels in the game are actually “experience caps”, meaning that until a player accomplishes a certain amount of feats (“Deeds”) they cannot acquire and spend any more experience points (called Destiny) until they do so.

Players make the decision on what they want to do by using their existing experience points to buy into the setting of the game by purchasing “Loresheets”. Each facet of the game has an associated loresheet attached to it, which if the player finds interesting, they can spend experience to learn about it and have that element worked into the gameplay by the GM’s crafty skills. Not only does it mostly alleviate the issue of metagaming, however it assists the GM by having a direct mechanical way to observe what the players want or expect out of the game.

Lastly, conflict in Weapons of the Gods is typically meant to be spectacular in fashion similar to what you would see in big budget wuxia movies such as Hero or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The dice mechanic, though initially somewhat confusing, allows for players to “save” matching dice and try to go for bigger results. This allows for fairly dynamic scenes where even a player who normally rolls poorly can collect dice to use during emergencies or to augment an important maneuver.

Legal Information, Etc.

I am bad with this stuff, so:

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Shen Zhou Twilight

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